Putting values first: novi.digital’s brand refresh

After ten years in operation, novi.digital has a sleek and value-driven brand refresh

As a business grows it’s important to establish values that a team can look to throughout its development. With novi.digital’s latest refresh to its branding, its latest values are incorporated into its new logo to mark 10 years as an agency:

  • Dedication
  • Integrity
  • Progression
  • Collaboration
  • Support
  • Sustainability

The new logo hints at each of the individual letters of ‘novi’ within a sleek and minimal hexagonal design, with each side representing the unique values that are central to its current team’s drive going forwards.

MD Aaron Crewe said: “When considering the brand refresh, it felt important that we consider not just where we are now as an agency, but where we are hoping to go. I believe our new image balances this perfectly.”

“Our mission statement is that we are dedicated to sustainable growth for people and organisations. As an agency, this means constantly resituating ourselves in, and adapting to, the world of digital marketing, something that I feel our brand refresh and current values symbolise.”

A Decade Later

Now with clients from a huge range of sectors and locations, novi.digital has consistently proven itself to be able to grow in the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing throughout its 10 years of operation.

Mike Kilburn, SEO Team Leader, said: “Every few years, especially during periods of rapid progression, we sit down to try and pin point our shared values going forwards.”

“The values we have chosen as a team for our 10-year anniversary feel, in many ways, strengthened by the agency’s fresh look.”

The progression of the agency is something that has also been marked with new team members, bringing their own unique voices to the company.

Max Jones, a Digital Marketing Analyst and recent addition to the team, said: “As a team member that hasn’t been with the agency as long as others, I thought it was exciting to have some direct input into its values going forward.”

Signs of Further Growth

While novi.digital has firmly established itself as an innovator in digital marketing, it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

“Our recent client acquisitions, while just the latest in a series of exciting developments for us, feels perfectly timed with this new look” says Ethan Giles, Senior Operations Manager of the Lancaster office.

“The new logo and branding feels, to us, to be an outward-facing indicator of the quick growth that we have have gone through recently as an agency.”

As a finalist for Innovative Business of the Year at the FSB, it is clear that the 6-sided ethos of novi.digital is as effective as ever in its progression as an agency. Having also recently received the Clutch Global Leader Award and expanding its presence to London, novi.digital shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

About novi.digital

Established in 2009, novi.digital has been working to raise the standards and change the attitudes of the digital marketing industry. By shunning the short-term mindset many firms had at the time, novi.digital developed a business philosophy built around longstanding partnerships and proven success.

By following this philosophy novi.digital has survived in the ever-changing digital marketing industry. Now a multiple award-winning agency and G-Cloud collaborator novi.digital keeps its focus on the future. Whether it’s in-house software or the people in their network, novi.digital are focused on development, advancement and innovation.

Their mission statement is that they are “dedicated to sustainable growth for people and organisations”. By putting a focus on the values of dedication, integrity, progression, collaboration, support and sustainability, novi.digital strive to be the UK’s leading Data-driven, people-focused specialist digital agency.

About Aaron Crewe

Founder and Managing Director of novi.digital, Aaron’s focus is on the company’s direction looking to the future, ensuring that novi.digital continue to innovate and bring their ideas to bear. He encourages creativity in the team, is passionate about well-being at work, and is also an enthusiastic guitarist (time permitting).

Aaron is one of the driving forces in keeping novi at the cutting edge of digital marketing. He finds time in his busy working day for extensive reading on the industry and related topics and is constantly asking what can be done to incorporate new ideas into ongoing strategies. Aaron also heads up our consultancy and training service offerings.

He was the 2017 Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the E3 North West Business Awards and works closely with groups including local Chambers of Commerce and the Virgin Media Start-Up Program to encourage SMEs to survive and thrive.

Lancaster: InfoLab 21, Lancaster University, Lancaster, LA1 4WA | 01524 566 736

London: Level 37, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AB | 0207 100 60

Web: https://novi.digital Email: hello@novi.digital