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Lancashire Business View is an independently-owned magazine published every two months. It has reported on commerce, industry and regeneration and led on bringing the Lancashire business community together county since 2005.

Since 2005, we have been the magazine for commerce, industry and regeneration; the county’s trusted source of business news, analysis and opinion.  In 2019, we were recognised for being the North’s best news & magazine, in print and online.

The magazine’s pages contain news, analysis, advice and opinion on the key issues that affect business in the county. It gives a unique look under the skin of the companies making the headlines, as well as shining a spotlight on the lesser-known success stories.

Almost all content is exclusive to Lancashire Business View, and is written by local, experienced journalists. Our aim is to inform and educate business owners and key decision makers, as well as giving them an effective platform to promote their own brands, products and services.

Any business based within the county is invited to contribute. Our forward features list highlights forthcoming key topics: each edition focus on one geographic region of the county and one key industry. Our advice sections also provide excellent opportunities for experts to share their experience and expertise.

Where the story you’re hoping to tell doesn’t match our pre-picked topics, our newsdesk is always happy to hear good news from around the county. Simply email all relevant information to

Every edition of our magazine is backed by a number of key events, including our launch parties which enable our readers to meet face-to-face with the stars of recent stories, roundtable debates, sector-specific panel discussions and more.

In addition, regular Sub36 networking events and annual awards cater for younger readers, and we host major events such as the annual Red Rose Awards and Lancashire Business Day celebrations which draw guests from across the county.

You can find out more about the events we host, as well as the events organised by Lancashire Business View Hub members, through our regularly updated calendar.

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September/October 2019

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Editorial features
  • Lancashire hotspots: Preston and South Ribble
    The £434m City Deal continues to open up opportunities for Preston and South Ribble with its target of delivering 20,000 jobs. And more than 11,000 new jobs could be delivered in Preston over the next 30 years if it “grabs the opportunity” provided by the HS2 rail network. However, the city needs to reinvent itself as a destination for high-value jobs if that is to happen, according to a new report. We also want to hear the success stories from the businesses playing their part in the area’s prosperity.
  • Sector focus: Energy
    The energy sector is playing a growing role in powering Lancashire’s economy. The county has a well-developed low carbon sector and is home to a rising number of energy businesses. With the huge potential for renewable tide, wind and wave power generation, the capacity for further growth is significant. Blackpool is home to the £12m Lancashire Energy HQ, delivering the skills industry needs, and in Preston plans have been submitted for a £200m energy plant that could power the equivalent of up to 108,000 homes.
  • Report: Exports
    Lancashire’s exporters are flying the flag across the globe as they continue to open up valuable new markets to exploit. In a post-Brexit world finding new parts of the world to sell Lancashire’s quality goods and services will be increasingly important for its economic wellbeing We look at the challenges and the opportunities out there and examine what businesses need to do to become true export champions.

  • Insight series: Digital and Creative
    Lancashire has a vibrant and growth-driven digital and creative sector playing an increasingly important role in our economy. That pace of growth and fast-moving change poses recruitment challenges and skills gaps. The county also has to compete against its noisy neighbours in Manchester and Liverpool. We examine what businesses are doing to recruit and retain the best, how they are beating the big cities when it comes to winning work and the opportunities they are gearing up to exploit.
  • Bring Back a Billion!
    Our rallying call to ‘Buy it in Lancashire and Bring Back a Billion!’ is already making a positive impact on the county’s economy. Companies are rising to the challenge of our campaign to increase Lancashire’s GDP by £1bn and it is making a real difference. We want to hear your stories of how you are working to ensure more money stays in the county and how you are increasing your local spending.

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