Most Trusted HR Award for NORI HR

NORI HR and Employment Law have been honoured with the Most Trusted for HR and Employment Law 2020 award for Lancashire by SME-News.

Receiving the award around the time of the company’s first birthday, makes the accolade an outstanding early achievement for NORI HR. In an industry where trust and expertise are key drivers, as proven during the uncertain period of COVID-19, this award reflects the purpose and focus of the business since its inception.

At just a year old, NORI HR and Employment Law have found themselves amongst a group of celebrated Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that have been recognised for innovation, growth and improvement.

A year-long selection process of research, analysis, shortlisting, and selection

As part of the rigorous year-long selection process, the titles of the SME-News awards are created to reflect their achievements, growth and reputation. This is a unique approach that ensures SME-News trophies are awarded on merit, rather than budget, popularity or votes.

Local and national press, industry journals, client recommendations, press releases and other resources are scrutinised over the year to arrive at the shortlist of potential recipients, deserving of recognition. The senior management team at SME-News then work through the shortlist to decide on final winners, at which point the award titles are created.

Building on early company foundations

For NORI HR and Employment Law, trust is a major factor for success. Being recognised as a trusted organisation at such an early stage of the company’s history, is particularly fulfilling for founding husband and wife team, Amrita and Jason Govindji-Bruce.

NORI HR’s first year has seen swift progress from laying the foundation principles and objectives, through to serving a nationwide, cross-sector client base that depends on their honesty, expertise and guidance. This “most trusted” award further enhances their reputation, and puts them on track to becoming a major industry player.

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