Leroy Logan MBE: Developing inclusivity and diversity and a 'Small Axe' to grind with racism

In this episode Business Psychologist Michael Costello explores the career and journey of the former Met Police Superintendent Leroy Logan who’s life has recently been shared by Director Steve McQueen in the BBC & Amazon Prime Small Axe series (with John Boyega playing Leroy!).

Leroy & Business Psychologist Michael Costello draw on the inspirational moments of Leroy’s new book "Closing Ranks: My Life as a Cop" to find ways in which a more inclusive and diverse culture can be created for the benefit of an organisation & society. The interview covers (sadly) his father’s "savage beating" at the hands of the police in the 1980s as he joined the force & his personal experiences of discrimination and prejudice in the force…testing his own safety but also what Leroy calls “his calling” to change the force from within. Many would have walked away - Michael asks "What stopped him?"

The conversation also covers Leroy' experiences with the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, the founding of the Black Police Offices association, and even the tragic death of Damiola Taylor. Black Lives Matter, apologies from British comedians, the Premier league are all explored as well as the state of the current Metropolitan Police force - ending with a powerful and sincere message to Met Police Commander Cressida Dick 

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