Getting your message across in a digital age

Getting your marketing right has always been fundamental for any business. But unless you’re a marketing professional it’s hard to keep on top of the trends, the websites, the apps, the tools and the latest thinking from the gurus. Even when you are in the trade it’s tricky.

TonyGarnerTony Garner, PR consultant, The Media Village.

That’s hardly surprising. We are living through one of the most dramatic shifts in the way we communicate with one another since William Caxton decided to set himself up as a printer of books in 1476. For more than 500 years print reigned supreme. But then that clever chap Sir Tim Berners-Lee was beamed to earth and decided the game needed to be changed.

With Tim’s web invention, along came the wisdom of crowds (TripAdvisor), Facebook, Buffer and then that ‘Internet of things’ thing where every single heartbeat is now online.

Such things have their place, but all too often they have been presented as the panacea to transform the fortunes of a business when in truth they’re just a piece of the jigsaw. It’s still the message not the medium that’s most important.

As marketing professionals we’ve seen this changing landscape at close quarters and marveled and grabbed the reins tightly. A couple of years ago every client wanted a ‘narrative’. Before that it was ‘blogging’. The latest buzz is around content marketing.

What’s that all about? In essence it’s creating content that people are interested in. In newspapers they had a word for it; stories. And that is our point. The basic principles of marketing remain as valid as ever. In a world where we are bombarded by messages, it’s not about making noise, it’s about being able to tell a good tale that resonates with your target audience. A story that makes you stand out from your competitors. That builds trust and loyalty.

You also need a team of marketing professionals around you who know their stuff but talk in English even Caxton would understand.

That’s where we come in. We are experts in bringing stories to life in ways that people will remember. Whether that’s in print, through PR, social media, clever design or a dynamic website. So what’s your story?