Automate your email campaigns to drive conversion

As marketing becomes more focused on providing a personalised and relevant journey for each of your contacts, automation is an essential task for all businesses looking to convert leads and prospects.

Amy Birch WiredBy Amy Birch, campaign manager, Wired Marketing.
Save time, cut costs, and increase engagement with contacts by creating a relevant and targeted email marketing automation program in line with your overall marketing strategy.
The main benefits of using an automation program include:
  • Creation of simple or complex automation programmes based on behaviour, data or segmented groups.
  • Saves your staff time and effort building and manually sending email marketing campaigns.
  • Increases the relationship with your contacts and customers through relevant and timely emails.
A great starting place for businesses that do not currently utilise any automated marketing is to set up newsletter sign up triggers. When a contact signs up for your newsletter on your website, create an automatic follow up with a welcome email containing an offer or more about your business.

These emails usually gain exceptional engagement rates as contacts are usually on the lookout for a welcome offer and are worth taking the time to implement.

Automation can also be used to push your prospects through your sales funnel. By offering valuable content and advice to your prospects, an automation flow can be used to follow up with contacts. Send an email to remind them of your available content and upsell to your contacts based on their previous preferences.

Another way to engage your contacts is to use a lead generation process containing a combination of brand awareness campaigns and sales offers to fully warm your contacts to your brand before they make a purchase. By adding campaigns that react to behaviour and demographic data such as the contacts location, gender or job title, your automation flow can run without interference. The campaigns will continue to promote your brand and boost sales for you, leaving you to get on with running your business.