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Combi-vans: are they really cars?

For many years now the Combi-van has been purchased by businesses with the additional attraction that it can...

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Influencing your team to go the extra mile

To be an effective and influential leader you must be able to motivate others to take action and embrace cha...

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Useful LinkedIn features for B2B marketers

Check out these LinkedIn features that'll help you to connect with more like-minded individuals who may help...

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Welcome to the new Wild West

The IT sector is undergoing an unprecedented period of rapid change and advancement. Which may sound positiv...

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Maintaining cash flow in construction contracts

Good cash flow is essential for businesses in the construction industry as issues with it can often spell th...

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Jenny Burke Forbes

The pros and cons of buying out of administration

The financial gains to be made from buying a business out of administration can be significant. However, the...

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A united front on climate change

Collaboration is vital to meet the growing challenge of climate change and other serious threats to our plan...

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Winter is coming – 5 key issues for employers to consider

With weather, illness and seasonal celebrations to contend with, winter can throw up a number of HR issues.

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Andrew Leeming Boost

Supporting amazing female entrepreneurs

Through the Boost programme to date, we’ve supported more than 5,000 businesses, creating over 2,200 jobs an...

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Cyber security: Are you really prepared?

If your business came under attack, would you be prepared? You may think that cyber criminals wouldn’t targe...

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Selling a business and its database

The sale of most businesses will include its database, which is often a key asset in the form of customer li...

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Elements of a great modern home

A new housing development which won the RIBA Stirling Prize for 2019 has been making headlines not only in i...

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