When was the last time you reviewed your pension?

When was the last time you reviewed your pension? We all seem to never get round to it!

One of the expert companies BGSE recommends to its customers is Martin Allen from True Potential. Recently they carried out a full review.

The customer was in a defined benefit company pension scheme (where the amount of pension you get is guaranteed and based on how long you worked for the firm and how much you earned).

At present, if you are a member of a DB pension scheme you might have the right to ask the scheme to offer you a cash lump sum in exchange for your entire DB rights. This lump sum is known as a cash equivalent transfer value (CETV).

The full review examined initial costs to transfer the pension, management charges, fund performances and much more. It was all presented in jargon free, clear and precise detailed report.

The result: our customer was able to increase their pension transfer substantially and they are now looking forward to a much more comfortable retirement.

A few minutes of your time could make a huge difference. Ok retirement fund or an amazing high return pension? The question for you today is can you afford not to check?

Contact Gary 07799 382 506     BGSE@mail.co.uk to see if your pension could benefit from an in depth audit from the award winning company True Potential.