What is a loss assessor?

by Martin Curran & Associates.

At a business networking event Martin Curran & Associates were introduced as Loss Assessors.

This was met with the usual response: “Oh, you work for an insurance company do you?” We then had to explain that, no, we didn’t, that would be a loss adjuster and that a loss assessor is something entirely different.

So what is the difference? A loss assessor works for the policyholder who is making the insurance claim. A loss adjuster, on the other hand, works for the insurance company.

A loss assessor's work involves handling all aspect of the policyholder's claim and negotiating with the loss adjuster, whose role is to settle the claim as economically as possible for the insurance company.

How do we help? It is best for us to start working for a policyholder immediately after a fire, flood , burst pipe, burglary or other insured incident, but sometimes we can assist at a later stage if a claimant is having difficulties.

We take over the claim completely, helping to arrange things like alternative accommodation, emergency funding, or bringing in specialists to protect a property from the elements.

We compile all aspects of the claim whether it involves contents, buildings or loss of profits. We will oversee the re-instatement of the property, working with specialist surveyors and contractors. The most satisfying part of the job is seeing clients happily back in their home or having their business up and running again. So even if no one seems to know what we do, we hope you do now.