The managed portfolio approach to investing

According to research conducted by the Investment Association, the UK is known as a global hub for portfolio management expertise, with the total UK managed assets in investment funds reaching £3.7 trillion in 2020.

At PM+M, we are witnessing an increasing number of clients opt for this type of investing – recognising the numerous benefits of a managed portfolio approach.

In an everchanging and volatile world, a key feature of the approach is active daily management of the portfolio by an experienced and dedicated team, who can easily adjust asset allocation and fund selections both proactively and reactively as necessary, keeping in mind market conditions, portfolio integrity and risk profile.

For this reason, a managed portfolio can provide a sound solution to those looking for a low maintenance method of investing which also provides peace of mind and targeted growth rates.

A ‘multi asset’ approach is adopted, comprising a blend of both passive and active funds. This helps to optimise performance whilst controlling management costs, therefore ensuring low charges for the investor.

Having created our own Managed Portfolio Service, we find it important to regularly review funds and rebalance them to maximise potential returns with a level of risk that is tailored to suit each client. Each plan aligns with the personal goals of the client and focuses on finding most tax-efficient ways of structuring their investments.

As always, the first step is to contact a professional who can help you understand whether a managed portfolio is right for you, plus deliver great results (recent research from Royal London suggests that an ongoing relationship with a financial adviser can deliver on average 50 per cent more in pension savings).