The leadership and personality of Winston Churchill with Allen Packwood

Thanks for joining us on this very special VE Day celebratory podcast highlighting the personality and leadership of the late great Winston Churchill. I feel incredibly lucky to have had time to discuss this man’s life with the world leading expert on Churchill - Allen Packwood OBE – Director of the International Churchill society and also Director of the Churchill Archive Centre at Cambridge University.

Allen granted my wish and completed a personality questionnaire answering as Winston Churchill! No one can of course do this accurately but I think the results might just interest you. Allen and I certainly both had to laugh when we received the personality report describing his personality type stay tuned to find out what is was. We also recognise that Churchill was not perfect, and this is documented elsewhere, it just for this podcast we focused more on his strengths than his weaknesses.

In this challenging times I hope that all of you can be  inspired Churchill – his words, his deeds and his accomplishments – but most of all that he knew that if we all played our part in some way, we could over come anything.

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Enjoy the podcast and happy VE Day!....and listen out for the incredible competition being run by the International Churchill Society!!


Churchill College Archive, Cambridge University: Churchill International Society: Twitter: @ChurchillCentre & @ChuArchives

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