The Aerospace Sector in Lancashire 2011

We are seeing difficult times in the economy throughout the country, savage cuts in public spending, and rising numbers of jobless.

With the UK currently the second largest exporter of aerospace and defence equipment in the world economy, second only to the USA, and Lancashire being one of the key regions in the country for aerospace, ensuring it is sustained and healthy is a collective necessity.

Defence cuts have taken their toll and we live in hope that we have seen the worst.
The positive, Joint Strike Fighter, F35 Lightning, remains a major programme, and although spending cuts have lowered the programme build up, it remains the mainstream programme for the future in defence equipment. Typhoon has massive export potential.
Civil aerospace is returning to growth and retaining our share in the face of massive emerging economy investment in the industry is a must.

In order to retain our position we must as a priority invest in planning for the future – What will the aerospace supply chain look like in five or ten years’ time? What infrastructure will we need? What will be the key technologies? How will low carbon economies impact the supply chain?

As a key aerospace region we need to start to ask these questions to maintain our position and where possible get ahead of the game in this global industry.
Never stand still, always look to the future. We need to bide by these well-worn pearls of wisdom more than ever and be brave enough to ask the questions and even more brave to listen to the answers.

Martin Wright
North West Aerospace Alliance