Reduce road risks

Most employers still do not treat vehicles like other pieces of machinery, or provide adequate checking, protection and training. Driving for business carries risks.

• 150 cars are crashed whilst being driven on business use every day
• 1,000 business drivers are involved in fatal accidents every year
• Unlimited fines can be levied on your company if convicted under the new Corporate Manslaughter Bill
• There is up to a two year prison sentence for negligence in discharging Duty of Care under the Health & Safety at Work Act

Any organisation that expects an employee to drive on business now has a number of legal obligations including managing and recording the driver, the vehicle and the journey.

The law doesn’t distinguish between company car drivers or those using their own vehicle, a rented car or even a pool car – the employers’ obligations remain the same.

It is not a costly option to take advice on whether your business needs help to ensure that it is managing its occupational road risk adequately but it may be, if responsibilities are ignored.  

John Lawrence
KeyFleet Automotive