Pairing up with new clients, Primetics

It’s been an exciting few months at Root Fifty-Two, with lots of new projects in the pipeline, an awards shortlist to celebrate, new additions to our team, and some upcoming company changes (yet to be announced!) to look forward to. 

We're thrilled to welcome on board Chorley-based company, Primetics! Here's a little bit about what we've done for them so far...

As part of the larger Cultura Technologies company, Primetics provides specialist agribusiness software designed to streamline operational processes for those in the agricultural sector, including manufacturers of animal feed, grain merchants, milling and malting businesses, those working in seed production, and those involved with agricultural chemistry, agronomy, and commodity trading. 

What they were after: 

“When Primetics first approached us, they were very clear about the goals they had set, the chief one being to get more quality leads coming through their website,” explains R52 Design & Marketing Manager, Kayleigh. “This was great, as it gave us a clear starting point and we were able to get to work pretty much straight away. 

“I decided to complete a full audit of their existing website, knowing that it would give us a better picture of where it currently stands in terms of Google rankings, as well as providing insights into the core areas we should focus on to make initial improvements. The audit allowed us to draw some important conclusions about the site’s performance, and as a result it soon became clear that the existing website doesn’t properly or accurately reflect who they are, nor does it demonstrate the size and position of the company within the industry. 

“On the technical side, we discovered that the site’s speed is below average, it’s not optimised for mobile, it’s missing some core elements such as page titles and metadescriptions, and there are a number of broken links. All of this will be harming how the site currently ranks in Google. 

“Additionally, there are a number of key elements on the design side of things that would really benefit from some improvement, such as the consistency of the branding and the overall user experience for the site.” 

How we delivered: 

“The team at Primetics found us through a Google search and, with them being based in Chorley, I think the fact that we’re relatively local to them, just down the M65, was a big selling point,” says R52 Director, Kimberley. “They were on the hunt for an agency that was responsive, someone who they could work closely alongside and trust, and I think all of the efforts we put in in the initial stages to give them an overview of their current position really helped us to stand out from other agencies nearby.” 

“Conducting an in-depth website audit at such an early stage was definitely very beneficial,” says Kayleigh. “Not only did it give us a good understanding of where they stand, but it provided a great jumping off point, sparking ideas and discussion. Consequently, the Primetics team have decided that they’d like to work with us to develop a long-term digital marketing strategy, and we’re thrilled to have them on board!”  

Where we’re at: 

“Since our initial discussions, we’ve now got a six-month strategy all put together and ready to implement,” says Kayleigh. “It’s one that’s focused mainly on lead generation, which aligns with the core goal they initially set out, and we’re excited to start seeing some results! 

“It’s a relatively new industry for us, but it’s one we’re excited to learn about. We have acquired another client in the agricultural sector only very recently - Northern Dairy Equipment - so this is now the second agribusiness on the books. It’s a fascinating industry and one we’re all looking forward to turning our hands to.  

“The Primetics team were blown away by the insights into the performance of their current website that we were able to provide with our initial SEO audit, and I think that, along with the fact that we sit outside of their industry and so might be able to bring in some fresh perspectives and new ideas, is one of the reasons they’ve decided to work with us, and one of the reasons I think this new partnership will work really well. They’re specialists in what they do, and we’re specialists in what we do, so together we make a great team!” 

Moving forward: 

“Our mission, first and foremost, is to get Google to trust their website, thereby improving their rankings and, hopefully, generating more traffic for the site, and more enquiries as a result. We’ve now developed a comprehensive SEO and digital marketing strategy, and moving forward, we’ll be conducting in-person monthly marketing meetings for regular reviews of the strategy and its implementation, impact, and results. 

“Long-term, we’re looking forward to developing our working relationship and we hope to expand the work that we do for them. Primetics is part of the Cultura Technologies group, which is a huge multinational company, and we hope that, in the future, we’ll be able to help some of the other factions of the company with their branding and digital marketing strategies, too.” 

Interested in purchasing a detailed website audit? 

At Root Fifty-Two, we take a personalised approach to everything we do. Whilst there are free website audits available online, they often only provide a very basic overview, throwing out data and expecting you to understand it all. Our website audits involve a manual process conducted with the use of multiple systems, which provides an in-depth and detailed overview of the performance of your website, including suggestions for how it might be improved, such as with a new/updated design and content, further development to increase functionality and accessibility, or with the implementation of a complimentary and comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Calling upon over a decade of experience and extensive specialist knowledge, our team interprets all data for you and can then provide pragmatic and achievable suggestions for potential improvements and solutions.

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