Businesses Are Spending More on IT This Year

As a business owner or manager, you know how important good IT is. Your business couldn’t function without it. 

Your IT isn’t just about computers and data. It’s everything from your phone system, to your printers, to where you access your documents. 

And that’s without going into the measures you must take to keep your data and  infrastructure safe and secure from cyber criminals. 

So we weren’t surprised by a new forecast from IT research and consultancy firm, Gartner, which predicts businesses will spend more on technology this year. 

In fact, the global IT spend could reach an enormous £3.3 trillion. That’s despite rising  inflation, the Russian invasion, and shortages in both chips and IT talent. 

We believe there’s been a fundamental shift in the way businesses view their technology. 

Two years ago at the beginning of the pandemic, companies were forced to take unexpected urgent action to help employees work from home. In many cases that  meant a large investment in devices, rapid changes to systems, and the adoption of new  technology. 

And it’s worked out well for most. Businesses have adapted quickly and many have  embraced the changes on a more permanent basis. 

But it’s also made business leaders realise they need to be better prepared to respond to  future potential disruption. 

This is the difference between a flexible and agile business… and one that stumbles at  the first hurdle. 

Many businesses no longer see IT as a cost. They embrace it as an investment. They can see the direct correlation between creating robust, safe and flexible systems – and their teams’ abilities to achieve more. 

Owners and managers are also placing more value on excellent, proactive technology support from a trusted partner. 

To not only plan and execute big development projects, but also to help reduce downtime and ensure systems are secure and running as they should be. 

If you’re reviewing your spend on technology and support, we can help. Get in touch. 

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