Mailing list

If you are looking for a mailing house to handle your regular mail requirements then here are 10 vital tips to help you to select the perfect supplier.

10 Tips for Choosing a Mailing House:

1 Stay local Choose someone within easy reach as this helps to give you control over your project.
2 Get Recommendations If you are doing a search of websites always check for genuine customer testimonials.
3 Customer Service A mailing house offering customer interaction and personal contact lets you know that your job is in safe hands.
4 Agency Advice A good mailing house will offer advice on how to achieve the best results with your direct mail projects.
5 Expect Prompt Information A good mailing house will give you accurate costs for all aspects of your mailing, including the postage costs.
6 Well-Established Choose a well established mailing house with a good reputation. Avoid those advertising cheap prices.
7 Data Safe Always check whether the mailing house is registered at the ICO under the Data Protection Act 1998.
8 Full Data Service Expect data services such as removing duplicates, adding postcodes and post towns.
9 Royal Bulk Postage Savings Expect advice on Royal Mail packages that will save you money on postage costs.
10 Full Print and Supply Service Including laser printing labels and letters; printing leaflets and brochures and the supply of special mailing packs.

Call Gail or Sharon on 01706 210538 at Whitney Woods to discuss your requirements, safe in the knowledge that you will be speaking with a friendly, helpful and informative direct mail professional.

Helen Mihill
Marketing director
Whitney Woods