Why does exercise not count as training?

I enjoy running. Even on crisp winter days like we’ve recently experienced there is nothing better than putting on the old running shoes, stretching the legs and lungs and getting into a steady rhythm that clears the mind.

I don’t take a watch and I don’t measure how far I have run. I don¹t push the pace and I measure the success of a run with how I felt it went.

I enjoy this approach to running and consider myself to be a reasonable runner.

I recently had to re-adjust this self assessment after I took part in a local 10K race. As I lined up at the start the air was filled with conversation about minutes per mile pace, speed sessions, hill reps and personal bests!

It soon became apparent that my approach to running as an enjoyable form of exercise, had not prepared me for the competitive environment of a race.

At the finish line my pride was as battered as my running shoes. What had happened? Why hadn’t I been able to keep up with the other runners?

Training has specific goals of improving a person’s capability, capacity and performance. It could also help your company too.

Kevin Doherty
Quadra Solutions