iSchool Audit to revolutionise education technology

A new product has been launched which could revolutionise the way in which schools and colleges monitor their technology equipment and help ensure financial compliance.

Bamber Bridge's iSchoolAudit is a smart new way for education providers to audit, track and monitor their IT assets simply and easily using a PC, tablet or smartphone using the free iSchoolAudit App available for download from the App

The smart audit technology used by iSchool Audit means that a PC, tablet or smartphone can be used to audit and track all of a school’s or college’s IT and tech equipment. Users can quickly create a detailed and accurate ‘cloud’ database of IT and high value equipment. All logged items are assigned an asset label which features a QR code with a unique reference number, allowing them to be easily identified.

John Platt, the inventor of iSchool Audit says: “Schools have a massive amount of ICT equipment and it can be hard to keep track of where it is and who has it. Headteachers and School managers have a requirement to keep audit records current - iSchool Audit solves that problem by providing a secure off-site full audit trail that can be updated at the touch of a button.” Details can be found at