Redundancy rules still fraught despite changes

A Lancashire employment lawyer has warned larger companies that they will still need to follow the correct legal procedures despite a relaxation in redundancy rules.

The government has announced that from April 2013, businesses wanting to make large scale redundancies of more than 100 employees will only be required to hold a 45 day consultation period, rather than the usual 90 days.

However, Roger Spence, employment partner at Harrison Drury, said that the new rules won’t change any of the usual procedures that apply when making people redundant.

4Spence He said: “This new rule will be broadly welcomed by large employers as it will reduce the time it takes to make redundancies and therefore reduce costs associated with redundancy. “However, the redundancy process is still going to be just as hazardous as before and all the usual rules, such as helping individuals find alternative employment, the right to redundancy pay, notice periods, time off to find a new job and holding individual consultations, will still apply.”