HR Health Checklist

Our free online HR Checklist is now available to help you check if your processes, documents, employment law knowledge and best practice is compliant with the latest legislation.

In April 2020, some of the biggest changes in employment law took place under Good Work Plan, so it’s important you use our free HR Checklist to see if you are compliant with the latest changes.

Not only will the HR Checklist help you to be compliant, it will support you to be a pro-active employer. Whether you have an internal HR department, single HR representative or take advantage of a cost-effective outsourced HR solution, using our HR checklist will give you more confidence you can effectively respond to employees questions, grievances or requests in a timely manner.

The Good Work Plan has been dubbed the biggest overhaul of employment law in 20 years and covers a wide range of employment law. In particular the Good Work plan sets out better identify if individuals are an ‘Employee’, ‘Worker’, or ‘Self Employed’. Naturally this would also support clarity around employer and employee tax implications.

Free HR Checklist: Simply answer Yes, No or Maybe

Employment Contract Template ChecklistOur free checklist asks 15 simple questions from which you simply answer ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Not Sure’. Based on your answers, we will let you know immediately if you are at a ‘High’, ‘Moderate’, or ‘Low’ risk of non-compliance. We are here to support you to make the required changes.

Of course being compliant is a minimum requirement as an Employer. Our HR Checklist will support you to be proactive and give your new employees confidence from day one, that you are a good employer with their interests in mind.

We understand many people use search engines to create template employment documents, template shareholder agreements or template contracts for services. Unfortunately templates are not foolproof which means that risks are faced as the template being completed may not be relevant to the purpose it is needed or the country it is needed in.

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