Five steps to risk assessment

The Health & Safety Executive defines the five steps as:

  1. Identify the hazards
  2. Assess the risks
  3. Control the risks
  4. Record your findings
  5. Review the risks identified periodically

Firstly, identify any hazards in your workplace and then assess each one. This involves considering how a risk may cause an accident, who that risk might affect and what further actions should be taken to prevent an accident from occurring.

Risks can be controlled by putting safety measures and steps in place. An example may be controlling the temperature of water within your rest facilities, restricting access to higher risk areas of your facility or even as simple of providing using wet floor signs after cleaning activities.

Once the hazards have been listed, you have assessed their potential and considered measures to prevent an accident you must record your findings (where your business employees 5+ people). This is as simple as entering the information onto a risk assessment form.

Finally, you will need to revisit this process periodically and monitor all risk, and the controls in place, to ensure that they remain effective, in particular where changes have been made to the work environment, process or materials used.

Of course risk assessment is just one, albeit vital, step on the ladder to compliance. AccuSafe can take away the headache of the risk assessment process and complete these for your business. Get in touch today for a free initial telephone consultation on 07852 470447.