Health and well-being consultation service launched

Lytham-based Caring Hands Homecare is launching a free consultation service from its Clifton Street office, inviting those who have concerns about their own or a loved one’s health and well-being to receive independent advice.

Guidance will be available on coping with ailments and illnesses, spotting signs of dementia, knowing when to seek extra support and how to fund it and any other queries that are causing concern.

Greg Bamber, chairman of Caring Hands Homecare, said: “We are looking to help people to spot the signs of when forgetfulness could be an indication of dementia or when ill-health could suggest a more serious underlying condition. We want people to be able to live independently in their homes for as long as possible.

“These advice sessions can offer tips of how to maintain independence in challenging circumstances, and indicate when further support is needed from professional care services, be it doctors, mental health professionals or care providers, to make this possible.” Caring Hands Homecare will also be able to direct attendees to further sources of information and guidance as and when appropriate.