Great Eccleston 350 homes plan unveiled

Plans to construct up to 350 new homes in the Wyre village of Great Eccleston have been unveiled, along with a new school, medical centre and community hall.

The proposals for the 16-hectare site also include a convenience store, public open space and an employment area.

The application site - which lies south of the A586 Garstang Road - forms part of a wider 33.7-hectare site allocated in the Wyre Local Plan for a residential-led mixed-use development.

The outline plans have been submitted to Wyre planners by Lancashire planning consultancy De Pol Associates on behalf of land promoter Metacre.

Architects Baldwin Design has drafted a masterplan for the whole allocated area following a series of community consultation events. It has been submitted to the council and is awaiting adoption.

Alexis De Pol, managing director of De Pol Associates, said: “This outline application reflects the Great Eccleston Masterplan, which is itself in line with the Local Plan, and has been subject to extensive consultation with the community, landowners, stakeholders and the council.

“The application site incorporates a large portion of the masterplan area, and all of the major community facilities and amenities, making provision for a new school, a medical centre, community hall, convenience store and public open space, as well as up to 350 new homes.

This site has the potential to deliver an exciting mix of uses to benefit the local community

“During the consultation we sought views on the proposed layout of the community facilities, and the response was that people would prefer they were grouped close together, and as near to the existing village centre as possible.

“This application reflects that and around 2.18 hectares will be set aside for this ‘community hub’ in the north east of the application site.

“The details such as the building designs, exact layout, boundaries, roads and access, would all be subject to future reserved matters applications, but it is important to establish the principle now to ensure the infrastructure is in place to benefit the village going forward.”

The Wyre Local Plan, adopted in February, has allocated a minimum of 568 new homes for Great Eccleston.

De Pol has already secured 183 homes for another Metacre site. They are currently being developed by Rowland Homes.

Stephen Glenn from Metacre said of the latest proposals: “This site has the potential to deliver an exciting mix of uses to benefit the local community and provide the much-needed new homes that Wyre has to deliver over the next 12 years.

“Together with our planning consultant, we have worked closely with landowners, stakeholders and the local authority, and consulted with the local community, to develop a plan that will best serve residents now and in the future.”