Government seal of approval for Eco Solartech’s new division

Renewables specialist Eco Solartech’s newly launched energy efficiency division has become one of the first businesses in the country to be an approved installer for the government’s Green Deal initiative.

Altham-based Eco Property Services will be servicing home owners and businesses across the North West under the Green Deal – a scheme which aims to make green improvements to homes and businesses affordable.

Mat Pickup, director; Duncan Seddon, director; Ian Lindsay Taylor, operations manager small

The Department of Energy and Climate Change’s Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body has named Eco Solartech in the first 20 approved installers nationally for numerous green energy measures.

Under the Green Deal, there is no up-front cost for energy efficient installations, they are paid instead through a top-up to the property’s electricity bills which will have been reduced by the green systems fitted.

Mat Pickup, managing director at Eco Property Services, a new division of Eco Solartech, said: “We were quick off the mark to set our business up and trail blaze on the Green Deal. Huge growth is expected in our industry on the back of the launch and we want to be right at the forefront.

“Eco Property Services, will be a leading light for green deal installations throughout the North West, and encourage businesses and home owners conscious of being environmentally friendly and reducing their ever-increasing energy bills to take the first steps to a greener future.”

Once a commercial or residential property has had an assessment on what green measures will significantly improve its energy efficiency, and finance has been secured for the measures, only authorised Green Deal installers can carry out the work. “To be in the first twenty installers approved nationally for measures such as condensing boilers, heating controls, glazing and doors and biomass boilers is remarkable, particularly when you consider the size of those businesses we are listed alongside,” added Matt.