Five tips that help a corporate photography shoot go smoother

1. A brief

Is it a simple head and shoulders shot, is it an environmental portrait, is it a team shot ? Is there a need for the workplace to be in the shot ? This is all stuff that helps right at the beginning of commissioning a photographer. It helps with the initial estimate and helps the photographer know exactly what he/she is doing. It is also good to know what isn’t wanted eg. Handshake/elbow bump shots, pointing, cheesy stuff, etc.

2. Location

More often than not it is can be difficult to visit a location beforehand due to distance, time restrictions, cost, etc. So giving the photographer an idea of the premises is a good idea. If it is a head and shoulders shoot against a plain backdrop always try and source a room that is the biggest. I have in the past turned up with kit, under the impressions that the room I have to work in is big enough, when in fact it turns out to be a ‘broom cupboard’. I have the skill and the experience to deal with these situations but the more space the better.

3. People

As we all know most people don’t really like having their photograph taken. The majority of people I photograph are usually aware of what is needed and will play the game even if they don’t really want to. So briefing the subject is helpful.

4. Time

It always takes longer than you think. This is due to many factors, which include people not turning up on time, a location might not quite work and an alternative needs to be found. Some people can turn on the charm when being photographed and they are easy to work with, others may take a bit more persuasion and therefore more time.

5. A chat and a brew!

When a photographer arrives he/she will have a brief but is always worth having a chat over a brew about any changes etc. It is also a good opportunity to scout the location just to get a feel. Sometimes, what to the client, may seem an unsuitable location may, to the photographer be fantastic and vice versa.

These are just five points that help a corporate photography shoot go that little bit smoother. There are many more but is gives you an idea.