Expert view: Open the door to flexible working

The explosive growth in mobile devices and cloud services is driving new flexible working practices, says Martin West of Unified World.

Unified WorldOne of the leading changes to the modern business has been how employees work.

Mobile workers in Western Europe will comfortably overtake their fixed counterparts by 2016.

The reason for this change is simple - workers with the option to choose when, where and how they work are more productive and happier.

However, this is dependent on employees having the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively wherever they are. Sadly, this is often not the case with 50 per cent of employees experiencing project delays on a weekly basis because a manager or decision maker can't be reached.

A solution has been the development of unified communications and collaboration services. These bring together all methods of communication, including fixed, mobile and desktop services, into one integrated solution that is available on any device.

This means each employee has a single phone number across their desktop and mobile phone as well as a single voicemail box.

This unified thinking extends to collaboration tools allowing employees to share ideas through instant messenger, video conferencing or through enterprise social media tools, also on any device.

By utilising a cloud-based unified communications solution, organisations can take a future-proof approach that brings even greater savings and flexibility. Martin West Head of IT services Unified World