Episode #6: Sir Chris Bonington, Everest, Brexit and a critique of Sir Ranulph Fiennes!

During this episode Michael Costello (Workplace Evolution Director based in Lancaster) meets with Britain's favourite mountaineer Sir Chris Bonington - who was not only the first to scale the South West face of Everest but also the Old Man of Hoy at the age of 80!

The interview explores where Chris' motivation and drive comes from - as well as his thoughts on ageism in the workplace. If you think that its "Game Over" for you in middle age then this is the podcast for you - keep in mind he is now 85 and does not let age become a barrier!

We also explore leadership on Everest - the importance of varying leadership styles and remaining calm under the pressure of Everest's "Death Zone"! Sir Chris also provides a facinating and honest critique of one of the worlds greatest explorers Sir Ranulph Fiennes! Lastly....he provides a direct message to politicians on brexit and the environment!

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Podcast Notes:

Sir Chris Bonnington Website: https://www.bonington.com/
Chris Bonington Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/chrisbonington?lang=en

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