Does your PR measure up?

I’ve been in PR for 18 years and I know this: the days of billings for cuttings are long gone. 

PR agencies who promise a return based on old-fashioned deliverables like press releases need to wake up or start looking for a retirement home.

Viva is the 2019 north west agency of the year for the biggest two PR industry bodies, the CIPR and PRCA. What these both have in common is that they challenge agencies to demonstrate one thing above all else — impact!

It’s the mantra for our team. What’s the required impact? Are we asking the right questions? How can we use creativity to deliver stories that make a difference? We’ve redesigned our website to make this expertise clear. 

Understanding the challenges faced by clients in our core sectors — advanced manufacturing, professional services and retail & leisure — is fundamental. That allows us to use insights and sector knowledge to develop campaigns that strike gold.

The days of billings for cuttings are long gone.

The other challenge is burnout. Ensuring our team are mentally and physically fit to deliver work that’s fresh is critical. We believe pressure and challenge is good but when it tips over into stress that’s a no-no.

That’s why we have dog days, where owners bring in their pet pooches, regular yoga sessions and other initiatives designed to ensure we are able to give our best. Result = happy staff and even happier clients.

So, when you’re considering your PR options, ask yourself, how does your PR agency measure up?

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