Considerations for your next building refurbishment project

Before you embark on your next building refurbishment project, please consider the following key elements as part of your proposals.

Existing building condition

Buildings that have expanded over the years often comprise of old, stitched-together buildings with their condition being a potential major unknown.  Carrying out a building condition survey will help to reduce the risk of unforeseen problems encountered during construction.

Existing structure, floor plans and windows

Restrictions on floor loadings, floor-to-ceiling heights, floor plate depth and window arrangement can adversely affect proposed room layouts and the installation of services and lifts.

Creation of new space

Commercial space is a primary revenue generator, adding space can immediately increase business revenue and capital value.  Opportunities can be found in lightwells, redundant accommodation and building extensions or annexes.

Statutory requirements

Make sure your refurbishment proposals receive appropriate statutory approval before works commence on site, ie. Planning and Building Regulations.

Plant rooms and services distribution

Refurbishment may involve the installation of services.  The size and location of existing plant rooms, together with limited availability of extra space to accommodate new equipment will be a constraint.  Installation costs increase and programmes are extended when services need to be routed through existing building structures. 

Maintenance and repairs

It is common for work in connection with non-revenue generating elements such as building maintenance to be deferred.  Carrying out all outstanding maintenance and repair works as part of the refurbishment project will remove this backlog and benefit from cost savings due to economies of scale.

Working in occupied buildings

Most commercial buildings will continue to operate during refurbishment to minimise loss of revenue.  Ideally, refurbishment works are carried out in small discrete phases although phasing will increase the overall project cost.

If you’re considering whether to undertake refurbishment works or any other type of building project such as new build, extensions, alterations, adaptations or building conversion works, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can assist.