Workplace Evolution Podcast: Exposing The Contreprenurs

Welcome to episode #8 with Mike Winnet - Banned Amazon Best Seller and the UK's #1 Demotivational Speaker.

Supported by well known online influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk in his adventure, Mike is investing £500,000.00 of his own money in to the the many "Get Rich Quick" investments and marketing schemes shared online. 

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Chartered Business Psychologist Michael Costello discusses with Mike the following:

  • His experience of putting down 500k across various investment schemes
  • How to spot a "Contrepreneur"
  • The powerful, subtle and manipulative techniques of contrepreneurs
  • The "Fall-Out" or impact of contrepreneurs
  • Should the industry be regulated or does education play its part?
  • The Wild West of Social Media...Is "Data is as valuable as oil"

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