Businesswise appoints director with pedigree

A businessman with a long pedigree has been appointed as a director by Businesswise Solutions Ltd to support the Nelson company in its next level of growth.

Peter Catlow, 65, of Colne, brings a wealth of experience to the table, having specialised in quality management and cost reductions for several multi-national companies over the years.

His appointment comes at an exciting time for the business, which is on target to exceed £25m in the first round of buying through its new energy buying group, which is encouraging collaborative buying across Lancashire.

Peter said: “I’m old but I’m agile and I like business; it really interests me. I saw a lot of press about Businesswise Solutions’ directors Dean Cockett and Frazer Durris in the local media and it really struck a chord with me. Here were two young, local men doing well, and creating employment and opportunities within Pendle. So, I approached them to see if they wanted any advice on how to take the next step up the ladder of success and I am glad to say they agreed.”

Peter’s background is in finance, but his career led him firstly into general management and then chief executive roles. Throughout the years Peter has worked alongside big brands such as Lotus, TVR and Morgan as well as with Japanese giants Nissan, Honda and Toyota.

Recently, Peter has been mentoring people under the National Enterprise Alliance Scheme, which helps the unemployed into self-employment under a Government-backed project. He has successfully assisted the set-up of six Pendle businesses to date.

He started work with Businesswise as an advisor and such was his worth, he was invited to join the business at director level at

Director Frazer Durris said: “We felt proud that a man of such business esteem wanted to work alongside us and after the first meeting we knew he would add vital input to Businesswise as we continue to grow. “It is good to get advice from someone who, not bogged down with the day-to-day operations of a busy business, can take a step back and truly consider the overall strategy. We welcome him on board."