Channel 4 calls on Fishwick to tackle payday lenders

Channel 4 has commissioned another special from Burnley entrepreneur David Fishwick and Finestripe productions, the outfit behind the much-lauded Bank of Dave.

Bank of DaveThe previous project involved a camera crew following David as he attempted to establish his own bank, then returning a year later to assess his progress.

The Lancashire businessman, who had previously been better known for the van dealership he built, quickly became a social media favourite, then later won a Royal Television Society Award and was nominated for a Bafta.

Now the channel would like him to take on payday lenders.

Nick Hornby, Channel 4 commissioning editor, said: "When Dave said he wanted to take on the payday loan industry we knew that he’d be taking us on a passionate personal journey into an important subject. But the story he’s uncovering sounds even more bonkers than the banks he took on in Bank of Dave."

The payday loans industry has boomed in recent years but has remained divisive, many saying they offer easy-access finance to the type of customer who can't afford the repayments. Estimates say that around 20% of customers incur late fees, accounting for around half of the industry's profits. Dave said: “I have seen first hand the misery that pay day loans can bring and in this programme I’m determined to do something about it.”