Apprenticeships your way at Nelson & Colne College Group

Within the Further Education sector, Nelson and Colne College Group is seen as a beacon for teaching and learning excellence. It is an innovative provider; a research hub for education, with a clear ambition to deliver the best possible experience and outcomes for learners.

Collaboration sits at the heart of the group’s success and it was born in November 2018 with the successful merger between Nelson and Colne College and Accrington and Rossendale College.

Offering apprenticeships across a wide range of sectors, the College Group works with top employers across the North West region (large and small) who are seeking their company’s next ‘star’. By providing apprenticeship roles from assistant level to senior management any organisation, of any size, in any industry, can benefit from taking on an apprentice.

As we continue to see industries affected by the global pandemic, and with many people addressing their career choices, apprenticeships and technical skills-based qualifications are truly at the heart of the nation’s recovery.

There is a real shift in the mindset of young people who want to move past their tumultuous education experiences of recent years and make strides towards forging a career in an industry they are truly passionate about. As well as an increase in adults looking to reskill or upskill, to make certain that they are in a role where they can truly make a difference, not just have a job.

Subsequently, many industries are reaching out to recruit exciting, new talent to advance their business and ensure they are prepared for the changes that this new ‘normal’ has brought.

Paul Barker, head of sales and recruitment for apprenticeships and training at Nelson and Colne College Group, said: “There has never been a more important time for us to continue to drive the development of skills and technical education.

“Our provision of outstanding apprentices to some of the nation’s most influential businesses enables them to grow their skills base, boost their productivity and support the economy. I am excited to see what the next few months bring, and am proud to be part of the solution.”

Nelson and Colne College Group understands that it is vital for young people to be equipped with the skills needed to secure employment, perform well and excel in their roles.

With this in mind, the team works closely with employers – taking training to the ‘next level’ by offering a tailored, personalised approach that can be as diverse as the organisation and that meets employers’ business needs.

The apprentice team’s trainer assessors are experts in their sector - working together with businesses to identify, develop and deliver business training solutions to match relevant, recognised qualifications with innovative and positive solutions.

For more information about apprenticeships with Nelson and Colne College Group, contact the apprenticeship team today at:

Case study: Putting employers in the driving seat

Recent apprenticeship reform has placed employers in the driving seat, enabling them to place tailored apprenticeships at the heart of their businesses.

Onward Homes is a great example of a local construction business with a long-standing working relationship with the Nelson and Colne College Group.

Based in Accrington, Onward Repairs currently employs four painting and decorating and joinery apprentices, with a plan for further apprentice recruitment in 2022.

The housing association strives to support the local communities it serves. Apprenticeships allow them to recruit staff from those local communities, such as Accrington.

Ensuring their apprentices have the most up-to-date training and knowledge on industry standards is critical. Working with the College Group guarantees that their apprentices will develop the latest technical knowledge and practical skills needed both now and in the future. A perfect example of this is the painting  technique for ‘airless spraying’.

Steve Russell, head of Onward Repairs, said: “We are keen to advance the career development, growth and goals of all our apprentices, helping them become a qualified tradesperson.

“We are looking to increase the number of good quality apprenticeships we offer to tackle the UK’s ongoing skills shortage in the construction and property sector and to provide key job opportunities with a real living wage to those who live in the North West.”

Group services include

  • Free talent matching service to find you the best candidates
  • Upskilling staff to close skill gaps in your business
  • High quality and bespoke training packages
  • Apprenticeship advice and guidance
  • Funding advice and support - - -