A great start to the year!

I Want A Standing Desk is starting the year with an exciting milestone!

We're helping thousands of children learn more effectively every day, as over 500 schools are now using our EIGER student standing desks. 

And the feedback we continue to receive from schools is just fantastic; with improvements made to focus, behaviour, concentration, and wellbeing.

We are a Clitheroe-based company, established in 2014 and our EIGER standing desk range has been specifically designed to benefit both office workers and school-age children.

Our EIGER Student standing desks work for any age group but have been particularly beneficial to primary age children. 

And while our standing desks benefit all pupils, they can have a particularly positive impact on neurodiverse children who find having the option to move really helps them.

Although the education sector is our main marketplace, our EIGER Pro standing desks have proven to be a popular addition to any office or home space, offering a flexible solution to an otherwise sedentary working day.

Both the EIGER Student, and EIGER Pro desks are a retrofit design, and will easily convert any sit-down desk to a standing desk within minutes.

The EIGER range is locally manufactured in Darwen, and we offer a free trial to all schools and educational facilities. If you work for a school or know a child who could benefit from an EIGER standing desk trial, you can find out more information here: http://bit.ly/eigertrialinfo