Advice: Don't be BIM-boozled

Are you under pressure to ensure your company is ‘BIM ready’ but unsure where to start? Simon Dobson of Quadra Solutions advises.

You may be familiar with BIM, or it might just be on the edge of your consciousness – either way you’ll have to embrace it sooner or later as it’s not going away!

The government’s Building Information Modelling (BIM) mandate for 2016 is having a major impact on the architecture and construction industry in the UK. Unfortunately, it’s caused a lot of confusion for businesses in the industry who have been left unsure on what BIM actually means to them and what they need to do to move forward.

Let’s keep BIM simple…

There’s a lot of BIM related mumbo-jumbo out there and it’s very easy to become a little BIM-boozled. What is it? BIM is essentially a single shared model for building projects that lasts for the life time of the project, getting passed along project disciplines from master planning to facilities management – even demolition.

We’ve been successfully helping local businesses prepare for the move to BIM with direct and easy to understand information through a number of activities including free advice & support, local events and factsheets.

Why not email us now at to get access to the following series of factsheets we’ve developed to support you?

  • What is BIM?
  • Let’s keep BIM simple…
  • Misunderstanding BIM
  • BIM – the next big thing!
Start with a few small steps

Implementing BIM into your organisation isn’t as daunting as it seems, but you’re likely to seek external help. Beware of ‘BIM Consultants’ who talk endlessly about the Government mandate for BIM and charge excessive rates. Why not start off with a call to us for some free impartial advice. We keep things simple with a few straightforward questions to provide a starting point. From there we can work with you to create a basic BIM implementation strategy. Simon Dobson Director Quadra Solutions