Your website has eight seconds to impress

The average human attention span is just eight seconds (falling from 12 seconds in 2000). The key to a successful website is making those eight seconds count.

Google-_ignition1If effective, your inbound marketing strategy will lure prospects to your website, but once you’ve got them there it’s the job of your content to hook them and move them closer to a sale. Next time you look at your website, ask yourself these 8 questions:
  1. Is it easy to navigate?
  2. Is it mobile friendly?
  3. Is it up-to-date?
  4. Is your product/service offering and USP made clear on your homepage?
  5. Is your content engaging and memorable?
  6. Do the content and design reflect your brand’s personality?
  7. Is there a reason for visitors to stay longer?
  8. Is there a prominent call to action?