YOLO Wellbeing continues to support the NHS with new CSR programme

Following the successful delivery of over 100 free wellbeing experiences to NHS staff earlier this year, YOLO Wellbeing is pleased to announce its ongoing support to the NHS. 

Through the new corporate and social responsibility programme, a free YOLO Experience will be donated to the NHS every time a client books a YOLO Wellbeing day. The free appointments will be accrued and when a full day is available, will be donated to one of the NHS Trusts participating in the programme.

Managing director, Cheryle Britton comments, "It was incredibly rewarding to support the NHS earlier this year. When we see the smiles on their faces after their treatment we know we're providing value. The staff continue to remain under immense pressure which is why we want to extend our support with the new CSR programme."

Several of the NHS trusts continue to employ YOLO Wellbeing Ltd., resulting from the positive feedback from staff who said it helped to improve their mood, increase energy levels and lower stress. The CSR programme will provide incremental support.

NHS trusts who would like to participate are invited to apply to become a partner, for more information email hello@yolowellbeing.co.uk

For more information about the CSR programme please visit the website: www.yolowellbeing.co.uk