With a little help from friends, could it be the World Championships for boxer Cindy Ngamba?

Cindy Ngamba is an amateur boxer from Bolton. Her first boxing bout was in 2017. Since then, she has had 11 amateur fights and won all of them including the England Boxing National Amateur Championships in 2019 and her most recent fight last month, the MTK Cup Championship. She fights at 75 kilos.

Local manufacturing business, Slingco is honoured to sponsor Cindy who trains at Elite Boxing in Bolton. Her story is inspirational…

Q: How did you get into boxing?
A: My brother, Kennet and I moved to the UK in 2010 from France where we had lived for two years after leaving Cameroon when I was nine. My mum had to stay in France and Kennet who is one year older than me, had to look after me in the UK.

I left Smithills High School in 2014 and was very shy and had gained a lot of weight. I sat down with Kennet and we came up with a plan for me to lose some weight and gain some confidence, so I joined a female football team at Bolton Lads & Girls Club. But when I was there, I noticed the boxers looked great and were having a great time and I thought ‘Hmm I want to try that!’ So, I did. And became the only female boxer at the club. I worked hard, and with the help of my coaches lost 20 kilos in weight and had my first fight, which I won, and it all started from there.

Q: What is the dream?
A: Be Happy. And for my family to be happy, especially my mum. If mum is happy, Cindy is happy.

Q: Who inspired / supported you?
A: I was inspired out of respect and love for my mum. My mum always worked so hard (and still does). She held down numerous jobs from working in a market from dawn until dusk, bar work at nights and even making coffins in order to support us.

Q: What do you want to achieve?
A: I want to be a world champion.

Q: What do you do when you’re not boxing?
A: I am a second-year student at Bolton University studying Public Service because I want to be a fire-fighter. So, I am either at Uni, coaching at Elite or training. I never really have a day off. I am also learning to drive but have so far failed the theory test three times! I love going to restaurants whenever I have the chance – Italian food is my favourite, but I must be very careful about what I eat.

Q: Do you have a life motto?
A: Always ready. I tell this to myself all the time. I must always be on my A-Game.

Q: How are you developing your skills?
A: For the last couple of years, I have been a sparring partner for Savannah Marshall who is the current WBO World Champion. Savannah has been really supportive and has given me some great advice. Because of my immigration status, I am ineligible to fight for Great Britain, so I am unable to get funding from GB Boxing. I am having to fund the journey myself. This also means that I would be unable to represent GB at the Olympics.

Q: What’s the next big fight?
A: The England Boxing National Amateur Championships, I won it at 81kg, I will fight this time at 75kg.

Q: Any hidden talents?
A: I am actually quite good at drawing and cooking.

Q: What’s your go-to dish?
A: An African dish that has red beans, plantain and chicken.

Q: What does the sponsorship mean to you?
A: Any help I get financially, allows me to focus my energies on the training, so it means a great deal to me, and I am very grateful. Nearly all my money goes into boxing for things like travel and kit expenses.

Slingco MD, Nick Dykins said of Cindy: “I have never met anyone who radiates positivity and happiness as much as Cindy. She is like a human mood-booster. Spending time with Cindy lifts your spirits - if you’re feeling down, you feel good and if you’re already good, you feel great! We are delighted to be playing at least a small part in Cindy’s journey and I know with certainty she will go all the way to the top.”

If you are inspired by Cindy’s story and would like to know more about how you can get involved by supporting Cindy or the numerous other talented young people who are working so hard to progress in boxing and transform their lives, get in touch with Nick Dykins via nick@slingco.com.

Image: Cindy Mgamba (right) defeating Patricia Mbata at MTK Cup Championship 24 Oct 2021