Workplace Evolution Podcast: Does hard work really pay off?

Welcome to episode #11. We know you have all been working hard up until the end of the yeat so sit down and relax. 

This podcast explores the research of Hans Frankort and Argyro Avgoustaki to answer whether the hard work really pays off for us in terms of career outcomes and our well-being.  Also - why is it we have this worrying trend of 50% of employees working in their free time to meet work demands? Is the UK lagging behind other countries in terms of competitiveness because of a greater prevalence of overtime and work intensity in Europe? Lastly, what the threats are to our own well-being and also which countries are getting it right? This podcast comes with a warning though – it challenges the old mental models of the workplace which some listeners may find uncomfortable.

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Guest Profile:

Hans Frankort is a Senior Lecturer in Strategy at Cass Business School, where he has been on the faculty since 2009. Hans leads strategy and quantitative methods courses across MSc, MBA, and PhD programs, including the International Consulting Week in the full-time MBA. The research has appeared in such scholarly outlets as the Academy of Management Journal, Advances in Strategic Management, Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory, Industrial and Corporate Change, the Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Research Policy, and the Strategic Management Journal. The research has also featured across 200+ media outlets, including The Financial Times, The Guardian, New Scientist, Popular Science, Business Insider UK, Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur, Capital, Le Monde, Le Figaro, City A.M., and the Daily Mail.

Hans Fronkort Profile:

Argyro Avgoustaki is an Associate Professor of Management at ESCP Europe where she has been teaching graduate courses in Human Resource Management and Research Methods since 2013. She has been a visiting researcher at the Department of Management Science at Lancaster University Management School and the Department of Management at Cass Business School. 

Argyro Avgoustaki Profile:

Research Summary mentioned in the podcast:

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