Daring to dream for the prize

It’s that time of the year where social media is filled with sentimental content of ceremonies and winners.

However, it’s also awash with comments stating that award ceremonies are pointless or it’s about who you know, not what you know.

I couldn’t disagree more! I find it incredibly disappointing, as it takes great courage to set yourself up for scrutiny and possible rejection, believe me I know! In the end, we take loses and it can be tremendously disheartening. Yet, we still take part and yet we dare to dream.

To those reading and who understand the emotion and hard work involved in award submissions. As well as those taking part, please take a second to imagine what it’s like for a young’un going through this process and what it means to them and their families.

In the latest edition of Lancashire Business View we see Young’uns or younger people in business firing their way towards recognition and celebration in this year’s Sub36 Awards 2019.

You have to work very hard to earn someone’s jealousy.

While I believe there aren’t enough events celebrating our Companies’ emerging talents.

At Lantei, we present a recognition night every year in which members of Lantei take to the stage to be rightly awarded and recognised for their contribution to our future.

There will always be those who try to pull you down, just ignore them, this is your moment and yours alone.

Remember this, it’s very easy to pity the weak, but you have to work very hard to earn someone’s jealousy. So, congratulations to all the winners, you are an inspiration to us all.

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