Workplace Evolution Podcast #4: Mohammad Al Fayed, Fulham FC and Harrods

Episode #4 meets with Robert Ordever, HR expert and managing director of O C Tanner Europe to talk about:

  1. His approach to developing talent at Fulham FC & keeping footballers engaged!
  2. His take on Mohammad Al Fayed's Leadership style
  3. How Harrods and Fulham FC developed a world class reputation for service

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The podcast will also explore new ways in which you can keep your team motivated and engaged, maintain the organisational values of your organisation whilst remaining competitive and finally create a reputation for your business rather than having to compete on cost!

We also test Robert's knowledge on Fulham FC and Harrods via our quiz - where we find out whether it is True of False that Harrods once employed a Cobra to guard a pair diamond and sapphire encrusted shoes (click here to find out the truth:

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