Whitney Woods give their take on promo brochures

Tradeshow, Exhibition and Roadshow promotional brochures need to capture attention which is why the pocket-sized promotional items are a popular choice. Never discarded like flyers and leaflets they are substantial without being bulky and will be kept for future reference too. Today I have chosen just three of the pocket-sized products to chat about:

Carry Me and Keep Me Design

A firm favourite of mine and a top choice by Event Promoters and Exhibition Organisers is the Carry and Keep Card. This is available in A7 size and has a large A3 double-sided inner sheet that folds away into secure covers. Exactly as the name suggests it can be carried and kept! The Carry and Keep Card is one of the most innovative tradeshow and roadshow ideas and is ideal for producing as a venue guide or a mini brochure with product or service information.

Hidden Book – Interactive and Amusing

The Hidden Book is a neat little product and you wouldn’t believe it but it is made up from a single folded sheet. By unfolding the book your attendees will be amazed to see that there is another book on the other side of the sheet! This creates a talking point and adds an entertaining element to your tradeshow and roadshow ideas. We recommend a finished size of A6 to gain maximum impact from your Hidden Book; however we are able to make it in custom sizes. Still pocket-sized and very handy to refer to this is a product that grabs attention and gets your customers old and new talking.

Unfolding Mini Brochure Format

Regular visitors to my blog page will know that the Foldilocks Card is a firm favourite of mine and for tradeshow and roadshow promotional ideas it is a top choice. The concertina-folding panels are perforated which makes it the ideal choice if you wish to offer coupons or vouchers for your products or services. The Foldilocks Card comes in A7 and credit card sizes so all you need to do is choose your size, design your artwork and away you go.

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