What's all the fuss about apprenticeships?

If you don’t think that your business needs an apprentice I would encourage you to think again. There is no better time to consider employing an apprentice as there are significant benefits available to those who do.

We engage with hundreds of businesses across Lancashire, some of whom have only recently discovered the advantages of employing an apprentice. In fact, some of them are so impressed they are setting up their own Apprentice Academies.

We also employ apprentices at the college and have found them to be a real asset to our organisation. They are a fresh new talent who make a significant contribution.

Apprenticeship training can also be a superb way of up-skilling your existing employees who need formal qualifications or support to develop in their roles.

Recently, the government has offered employers £1,500 for each apprentice they employ (available to employers who have not employed an apprentice within the last 12 months, and up to 10 apprentices).

We have extended this offer to include additional benefits including Higher Apprenticeships for your senior managers and access to our excellent professional development workshops in really useful areas such as HR, marketing and social networking.

If you are interested and would like to talk to someone about apprenticeships or training, please contact my business centre team.

Amanda Melton
Principal and chief executive
Nelson and Colne College