What makes the difference between a good event and a really great event?

Michelle Taylor, director of sales at Preston Marriott,  shares 12 top tips.

  1. Michelle Taylor MarriottPrepare, plan and research your event. Consider the smallest details – great event planning is in the detail.
  2. Have a clear objective and under-standing of what you want to achieve and target the correct audience.
  3. Listen to what your attendees want - ask them before your event starts.
  4. The experience starts before the event even begins; provide clear details of the venue, timings and agenda. Get them excited before they attend!
  5. Provide value-added content both before and after the event.
  6. Ensure everyone feels welcome and included throughout the whole event.
  7. Make your event interesting; use different methods to engage your audience.
  8. Make your event interactive and really get people involved.
  9. Stick to the agenda - this is what people are expecting and have based their plans around.
  10. Give participants something to remember your event – a gift or certificate.
  11. Make sure your participants walk away feeling like they are important to your business and attending has been worthwhile.
  12. Ask for Feedback after your event – Let your attendees tell you what made your event GREAT!