Lancashire chefs go head-to-head in the kitchen

A bloodthirsty butcher is to go head-to-head against a cold blooded chef in the first round in a series of Meat Vs Fish Challenges.

Nick Mellin, co-owner of sustainable food business Roaming Roosters, is to take on Antony Shirley, executive chef for the Seafood Pub Company, in what is expected to be a closely contended match at the Oyster & Otter, Feniscowles, Blackburn, on July 3rd.

Diners who book on to this and following events will enjoy a live demonstration, reception drinks, three-course meal and lots of banter.

In the red corner, Nick ‘the knife’ will be fighting the cause for the tender fillet; while bobbing and weaving in blue corner in support of the delicate turbot, will be ‘Anton Le Poisson’.

Nick said: “There is absolutely no question which is best, we run an online meat shop and have a butcher’s counter for goodness sake; not a fishmongers!

“We had no hesitation in agreeing to the Meat vs Fish roadshow; it gives us a real opportunity to get on our carnivore soap box and fight the good fight for proper meat.

“There’s no competition in my eyes. Our grass fed fillet is going to leave Antony’s turbot floundering. Bring it on!”

An unfazed Antony responded: “Whilst old McDonald is messing around on his farm, Captain Neve will landing the finest fish around; wild harvest at its best. Those butcher boys are going to be in deep waters!"

"Fish is the original fast food - no hanging around waiting for fish to mature; it’s off the boat and into the pan within hours, you can't beat it.

“Like our haddock, the butcher is going get battered! Fish is king!”

The Meat Vs Fish roadshow will roll out to Roaming Roosters, Higham, and the other gastro pubs and restaurants within the Seafood Pub Company family in coming months. Tickets for the first Meat Vs Fish event are selling fast. To book your place, please call 01254 203200.