What is a deep clean?

Here at Cleanbright, we offer our services for regular daily or weekly cleans, and more thorough ‘deep cleans’ that might be required on a monthly, bi-monthly, or yearly basis. 

When enquiring about our specialist cleaning services, our clients often ask two questions - what exactly is involved in a deep clean, and how is it different from regular cleaning?  

When it comes to deep cleaning, the clue is really in the name. Basically, deep cleaning will require an amped-up version of your regular cleaning schedule. 

Whilst regular cleaning will deal with the dirt, bacteria and germs on high-contact surfaces and areas around the workplace that experience heavier foot traffic, the tasks completed when conducting a deep clean will usually target those areas and pieces of equipment that are accessed less frequently.  

A deep clean will usually require furniture and equipment to be moved around in order to allow our team access to the nooks and crannies and hard to reach spots around the workplace. For this reason, we recommend booking your deep clean in on a day when there will be fewer people around, or even better, outside of your normal operating hours when the workplace is closed. 

How often should I perform a deep clean in the workplace? 

The regularity of your deep cleaning schedule will really be dependent on your workplace and what it’s used for, as well as the number of people that work there on a regular basis. 

For example, an office with 10-15 employees may require regular cleaning on a daily or weekly basis, but a deep clean may only be required twice per year, whereas spaces in other sectors, such as warehouses, factories and production facilities, may require a monthly or bi-monthly deep clean in addition to regular daily cleans. 

Here at Cleanbright, we adopt a flexible approach and will always provide a professional and effective cleaning service which is tailored entirely to your needs. Following a free, no-obligation site visit and detailed site survey, we’ll be able to evaluate your requirements and draft an appropriate cleaning schedule which not only fits around you and your team, but also adheres to any budget you’ve set in place and ensures targets for industry health and safety standards are consistently met. 

Professional deep cleaning for warehouses, offices, schools, medical centres and industrial settings across Lancashire

We provide professional cleaning services for a wide range of sectors and industries across the North West, including offices, schools, warehouses and production facilities, surgeries and other medical settings

We work with highly experienced, reliable, qualified and committed cleaning professionals to ensure each job is completed in accordance with our shared high standards, and we can offer our services on an ad-hoc basis or as part of an ongoing contract. 

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