Weru UK launches new Tilt & Turn door system for Juliet Balconies

Thinking of installing a Juliet balcony? More and more homeowners are choosing to install a Juliet balcony as a prominent architectural feature on their homes. They can vary greatly in style and design, and the new Weru UK Tilt & Turn door systems are a perfect choice for these balconies allowing for maximum daylight and optimal thermal efficiency.

Weru’s Tilt & Turn balcony doors open in two ways, as the name describes. They tilt inwards in order to safely ventilate the home, and open fully inwards, which also make them easier to clean.

Thanks to their versatile opening operation and a vast range of design combinations, Tilt & Turn door systems are a great choice for Juliet or small balconies and other areas with limited space.

John Feeney, general manager for Weru UK, shares the main reasons why the Tilt & Turn Door systems are a great choice for those looking to add a Juliet Balcony to their homes.

One of the standout features of all Weru doors and windows is their Outstanding energy efficiency. The installation depth, number of chambers and chamber size are perfectly harmonised by Weru engineers to ensure the profile has the best thermal insulation characteristics. With special Weru insulating glass, energy consumption and heating costs are reduced within the home.

Tilt & Turn doors are high functioning and reliable. These doors contain load bearing hardware components. For example, the hinges are screwed into the steel at several points, ensuring enduring functionality and a long service life. The doors also open and tilt smoothly even with extremely heavy triple glazing.

The all-round steel reinforcement in the frame and GFP high-tech material in the sash give these doors more stability and burglary protection. The standard mushroom cam locks are screwed into the steel making it more difficult to lever the window open.

The Tilt & Turn doors offer more light and visibility. The fibre reinforced sash profiles combined with steel reinforcing ensure outstanding stability and make exceptionally large doors possible.

Weru’s high quality EPDM gaskets are made of highly resilient, weather resistant material which guarantees long term tightness which avoids draughts and heat loss. Owing to the smooth, highly compressed surface, the profiles are dirt repellent and easy to clean.

Weru UK is based at Amy Johnson Way, Squires Gate, Blackpool and was established more than 35 years ago. The business serves a UK wide client base, from its national support centre, and showroom at the impressive 8000sq ft site.

For more information about Weru UK, visit https://www.weru.uk/ or call 01253 341444.