Deep cleaning and Coronavirus fogging services

With the country slowly moving towards reopening, many businesses have been making investments into tools and services to help protect their staff and customers by keeping a COVID-safe working environment. 

Whilst employers are encouraged to promote preventative measures in the workplace to help curb the spread, including by installing protective screens, requesting for employees to wear a mask in communal workspaces (unless exempt), and adhering to social distancing guidelines, some businesses are now turning to Coronavirus chemical fogging and professional deep cleaning services in an attempt to further reduce the risk of contamination in the workplace. 

What is chemical fogging and how does it work? 

Coronavirus chemical fogging is a trusted method of decontamination following an outbreak of the virus, or may be used as a precautionary measure to keep staff and customers safe when returning to the workplace.  

At Cleanbright, our professional chemical fogging service involves the use of an antibacterial and antiviral disinfectant solution, which is sprayed to sanitise large areas of a building quickly and effectively. 

The solution used by our teams is proven to kill off the Coronavirus, as well as any other biological agents that reside in the air and on any of the surfaces in the workplace, and is effective in as little as one hour. 

Being a very fine mist, the solution is safe to use around all electrical equipment and electronic devices, including computers, telephones, printers, and other machinery. 

It’s important to recognise that chemical fogging does not offer a cleaning solution. Rather, chemical fogging offers a thorough method of disinfecting surfaces in the workplace, to high standards and with minimal disruption. 

The Cleanbright team can offer Coronavirus chemical fogging on an ad-hoc basis, or as part of a more regular deep cleaning routine to not only provide protection against the virus and limit the spread, but also to combat dust, dirt and mess in the workplace. 

We provide ad-hoc and contract cleaning solutions for businesses across Lancashire, and can help you to keep on top of: 

  • Offices and workspaces 
  • Kitchen areas 
  • Bathrooms and toilet facilities 
  • Communal eating and meeting areas 
  • High-contact touch points 

It is advisable to conduct regular cleans which target high-contact touch points in between deep cleans, particularly whilst the risk of contracting Coronavirus is still high. At a time when workplace hygiene is so important, regular cleaning and sanitising is essential - read our blog for more tips on combating germ hotspots around the office

Quick response Coronavirus chemical fogging 

With an emphasis placed on client satisfaction, we operate with an entirely adaptable approach, and will always remain as flexible as possible to accommodate your needs. Should you require urgent Coronavirus chemical fogging or deep cleaning services, the Cleanbright team is only a phone call away!  

Looking for help with keeping your workplace clean, and your staff safe? As a commercial cleaning company with over 40 years of experience, we offer comprehensive cleaning solutions for a wide range of workspaces and facilities across all sectors. 

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