We visited 16 SME fleet operators and this is what they said

If you are a business running between 10 and 150 vehicles without a full time fleet manager then you should find this interesting.

Marc KeyFleetBy Marc McLoughlin, KeyFleet.


We set about to create a range of fleet management services that really added value to our clients and crucially solved problems and issues they were having with their fleet.

Where best to start?

Well that was easy, let's ask a few of our existing lease/supply clients what it is that they are spending their valuable time on? Whats keeping them awake at night, so to speak, in respect of their fleet. What are they struggling with or concerned about?

So we arranged meetings with 16 clients, senior level people all representing SMEs with no fleet manager. The smallest fleet was eight cars with the largest being 121 cars and vans. They were all suffering with 'fleet pain" as we like to call it.

Sixteen isn't a huge number for a focus group but in total these clients represented over 600 vehicles and around £7m per annum in transport spend so its a good indicator of the pinch points in the SME fleet market.

Here is the list, in no particular order, of the topics they said were most pertinent in their mind regarding their fleet - what do you think?

  • Driver calls and issues
  • Legal compliance
  • Fleet policies
  • Driver handbooks
  • Driver training and induction
  • Health and safety
  • Accidents
  • Breakdowns
  • Grey fleet
  • Licence checking
  • Insurance
  • Funding methods
  • Fleet admin
  • Corporate manslaughter and prosecutions
  • Software
  • Tyres
  • Servicing
  • MOTs
  • Repairs
  • Disposals
  • Complaints
  • Manufacturer terms and discounts
  • Test drives and brochures
  • Environmental impact
  • Fuel cards
  • Mileage/Journey logging
  • Pay and reclaim for business fuel
  • BIK tax advice, P11D reporting
  • Rental
  • Telematics
  • Rev limiters
  • Ready for work packs
  • Safety packs
  • Livery and signage
  • Glass and windscreens
  • Excess mileage and damage charges
  • Ordering new vehicles in time
  • Cost of fuel
  • Whole life costings
I wonder if you will think "Yep, thats me"? I'd love to hear any comments at all on the topic. Comments from business owners and directors, fleet admins, job shares or fleet managers - all welcome. I think its a great topic.