PRISM break for recruiters in Manchester

These are taxing times for recruiters, hirers, intemerdiaries - and those all important contractors who are helping Britain's economy flourish in the face of a global crisis.

It helps to turn to experts on the frontline for guidance and to clarify current strategies at HMRC and what implications - and indeed opportunities - they may hold for the industry.

Danbro, based in Lytham,, Lancashire, is one of the largest umbrella and accountancy service providers in the sector.

It has 8000 clients across the country, a turnover of £225m and employs 210 staff - including at two offices in London.

The award winning accountancy group is now playing a leading role in a national campaign to help those who serve the flexible workers market square up to the challenges ahead.

Proposed legislative changes to Travel and Subsistence and IR35 add up to taxing times for the fastest growing most mobile workforce of all – and those who assist them.

Danbro managing director Damian Broughton is a founder and executive committee member of PRISM - an emerging influential voice and lobbying force in the services providers sector.

PRISM, led by chief executive officer Crawford Temple, a widely respected champion of compliance in the industry, has organized events in Manchester and London, to highlight the issues involved and help available.

Both forums will give those involved in the supply of temporary workers the chance to directly engage with HM Revenue & Customs with regards to the T&S consultation and IR35 discussion document.

HMRC and Office of Tax Simplification representatives will also answer questions from those present after presenting the current strategy on both topics.

Industry lawyers reviewing the proposed legislative changes will provide legal perspectives.

Each event is split in two sessions, with mornings for intermediaries and providers, and afternoons dedicated to recruiters, hirers, and end clients. Operational considerations will also be discussed. To book free places visit

Danbro MD Broughton will attend the first event at the Manchester Hilton, Deansgate on Tuesday September 8.

Danbro will also be represented at the PRISM summit on September 9 at The Kings Fund, Cavendish Square.

Mr Broughton explained: “The aim is to engage with sector service providers to let them know what PRISM is doing to help them.

“We need to ensure all issues are fully understood and that any reactions are appropriate and fair.

“Danbro’s position is clear. We are still in consultation with HMRC. The proposed changes, particularly in T&S legislation, will result in considerable change in our way of working - and also bring along opportunities.

“As a sector we face many challenges and it is important we use our associations and industry affiliations to represent our aspirations and actions – and make our voices heard.

“We need to promote the enormous benefits we, as a sector, provide in supporting the growth in the flexible workers market.” Danbro is also an Associate member of the FCSA, the trade association for professional employment services (umbrella, accountancy, and payroll).